AIM Garden Trio , Barley, Carrot and Beet Juice

garden trio

AlM’s Garden Trio provides a way to meet your dietary requirements in a convenient, easy-to-use form. Each of the juices used to create the Garden Trio comes in convenient powder that you simply add to water, and enjoy.

Together - Just Carrots, RediBeets, and Barleylife represent the three juices that make up the core of any successful juicing program. By combining the different nutrients found in these three distinct vegetable forms, you can create your own juicing program - without the hassle and expense of juicing. Plus, with AlM’s Garden Trio you are assured that the vegetables that go into each serving of juice are residue free.

No more messy pulp. No more searching stores for source of organic vegetables. No more letting your diet suffer because you don’t have time to eat enough healthy vegetables each day, let alone the time to turn those vegetables into a healthy and delicious glass of juice. With AIM’s Garden Trio, it’s easy to make nutritious vegetable juice part of your daily diet.

The Garden Trio

Barleylife (with kelp), RediBeets, and Just Carrots is available in powder or caplets. Each member of the garden trio can also be purchased separately however purchasing them as a trio is the cost effective way to go.