AIM BarleyLife and Blood Thinners


Good news - blood-thinning medication and AIM BarleyLife.

A study conducted by Dr. YoshihideBarlyLife helps prevent blood clots Hagiwara positively identified a substance in BarleyLife that has an anti-bloodclotting characteristic which provides a balance to Vitamin K. Many people on Coumadin and other blood thinners are told to limit their intake of foods containing Vitamin K, and some have questioned the use of BarleyLife as a result.

We are glad to report that BarleyLife has only a trace amount of Vitamin K, so there should be no problem taking it with a blood thinner. The study, conducted in cooperation with the Inversk International Research Facility of Scotland, shows that young barley leaf extract markedly inhibited the growth rate of blood clots. The study concludes that young barley leaf extract may be useful in the prevention of blood clots in certain vascular disorders.

BarleyLife remains an ideal food, even for someone who must take blood thinners. Following is a summary of the study, which you may want to have your health practitioner review. We always advise people to follow their doctor’s recommendations.

Abstract of Inversk Young Barley Leaf Extract Study

Dr. Yoshihide Hagiwara conducted an animal study for the effect of dried juice from the young barley leaf on thrombosis (blood clot) formation together with the Inversk Research Center International of Scotland, and reported the results at the annual meeting of the Japanese Pharmaceutical Society. He reported that young barley leaf extract was evaluated as an inhibitor of ADP-induced thrombosis in the microcirculation of the hamster cheek pouch. Thrombi were induced in a venule by microcontophoresis of ADP through the vessel wall. Young barley leaf extract was administered orally at several dosages before thrombus stimulation. Young barley leaf extract markedly inhibited thrombus growth rate with a maximum inhibition of 42%. Then it was concluded that young barley leaf extract may be useful in the prevention of thrombolic episodes in certain vascular disorders. Dr. Hagiwara explained that, although he had a very promising test result regarding thrombus formation, it was not a clinical test. He therefore recommended that sufferers consult their physicians before useng BarleyLife as a thrombosus prevention supplement.