AIM BarleyLife and Weight Loss

loose weightHere is a section from Dr Hagiwara’s booklet “Green Barley Essence”on BarleyGreen and weight loss.

Helps Fight Overweight

Overweight is not merely a detriment to one’s appearance, but is likely to lead to high blood pressure, heart disease and arteriosclerosis. In particular, overweight in middle-aged and old persons almost always leads to these diseases. As we know, this has become the age of “high-calorie”nutrition. Our diets contain oil and fat, polished rice, white bread and white refined sugar in quantities which make them difficult to fully burn within the body. Burning is a process which finally renders caloric food into water and carbon dioxide gas which is expelled from the body. If complete burning fails, these materials remain undecomposed and are stored as fat under the skin or in fat cells.

The burning process, called lipid metabolism, is aided by cytochrome oxidase, an enzyme found in the mitochondria of “brown cells”(a type of fat cell) within the body. Minerals and vitamins are very important in promoting lipid metabolism and the action of mitochondria. The usual remedy for weight loss is a diet therapy which consists of eating foods low in caloric value. It is based on minimizing sugars, starch, and fats which tend to build up as subcutaneous fats.

These foods are replaced by vegetable fats which include, for example, sesame oil, olive oil, safflower oil and coiza oil and margarine made from such oils. They contain unsaturated fatty acids which can dissolve cholesterol deposited on the vascular walls. However, vegetable fats are still foods of high caloric value. The best method of weight control, I believe, is to promote the action of enzymes which activate the brown cells and aid in lipid metabolism.

As I have shown, Green Barley Essence is rich in these enzymes. For this reason, I considered the active components of juices from the young leaves of barley a far better alternative to weight control than the typical approach to dieting. The problem of overweight is inseparable from the metabolism of the thyroid hormones. When there is too much fat, its metabolism is prompted by this hormone. If the secretion of the thyroid hormone decreases, weight gain will result.

Once, thyroid hormone preparations were used extensively as weight control drugs in the belief that the administration of thyroid hormone would remove overweight. However, thyroid hormones were found to retard the function of the thyroid gland with long-term use. This is the same as the relation of adrenocortical hormone preparations to the adrenal gland, mentioned earlier. Even a case of mental disorder was reported as a consequence of administering this hormone.

This soon led the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to prohibit the use of thyroid hormone preparations, except when prescribed by a physician. Green Barley Essence is not a special drug against obesity, and there is no guarantee that taking it will immediately lead to weight reduction. In order to get rid of excess weight, it is first of all necessary to improve your diet. Abstain from fats, starch and sugars as much as possible and engage in moderate physical exercise. If, in addition to this, you take one tablespoonful of Green Barley Essence twice a day, you will soon find yourself losing weight. For Green Barley Essence, the most alkaline of foods, neutralizes the acidity of the body fluids and spontaneously invigorates the function of the thyroid gland. It would be ideal to take kelp, a source of iodine required for the production of thyroid hormones, in addition to Green Barley Essence. (NOTE: BarleyLife comes with or without kelp. The most popular is with kelp.)