Human Intestinal Parasites - Remedy, treatment & Prevention.


The Bad News!
'Prevention is Better than cure'.
The good news!

If you suspect you have human intestinal parasites, a health practitioner can arrange a number of tests. These include stool tests, blood tests, tissue swabs, etc. These tests are often inconclusive. Many parasites that reside in the tissue or on the blood will not be found in fecal samples. Pinworms cannot usually be seen in stools. Parasites that adhere to the intestinal tract lining are very hard to find. Often, only their eggs will be passed in the stool.

If you have human intestinal parasites, there are a number of things you can do. Prescription drugs are available as one form of human parasite remedy, and they do work, but like so many prescription drugs, they also can have many side effects.

There are also natural methods of ridding the body of human intestinal parasites. Cleansing the intestinal tract, using a substance to kill the parasites, and re-colonising the beneficial intestinal bacteria. A combination of herbs wth cleansing properties, plus bromelain, a digestive enzyme, providing a safe, natural human intestinal parasite remedy, which can be used safely, provided you are not pregnant or lactating.

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Give this very popular human intestinal parasite remedy a try, and email us with your verdict!

Of course, if symptoms persist, you should consult a health practitioner. Do not use this program if you are pregnant or lactating.